Are you paying too much Council Tax?

Many homes are in the wrong council tax band, and have been since the Council Tax system was introduced in 1993.  

If you are a council tax payer and have been paying too much you may be eligible for a;

  1. reduction in your future council tax payments and a
  2. refund for up to 25 years of overpayments.

Who are we?

The moneysavingdirect group has over 25 years experience in the residential and commercial mortgage market, insurance, estate agency and accountancy sectors.  MSD Property Valuation Services is one part of the group of companies.

MSD Property Valuation Services is a national independent company specializing in council tax banding reductions in order to save its clients money in the future and to obtain refunds for amounts over-paid in the past.    We take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge, experience, property related data and relationships with law firms throughout the group to ensure our customers have the best possible chance of successfully reducing their council tax banding.

If you have tried and failed to reduce your council tax banding or are trying for the first time we may be exactly what you are looking for.  

Our past experience of thousands of council tax reviews will;

          1. Save you time; 
            We do all of the research and paperwork for you
          2. Significantly increase your chances of winning your appeal; 
            We submit your appeal in a tried and tested format and know how to overcome the many barriers you will face along the way