A reduction in your banding has two benefits;

  1. saving you money every month by reducing the amount of council tax you have to pay
  2. giving you money by refunding the full amount over-paid backdated to when you moved into the property


Saving You Money

A reduction from band C to band B should save you around £170 per year, that’s almost £6,500 over the next 25 years excluding interest!

Estimated Future Savings (Based upon reduction from Band C to Band B)

Number of
Years Saving
1 £175 £175
5 £203 £945
10 £238 £2,065
15 £273 £3,360
20 £308 £4,830
25 £343 £6,475

Giving You Money

If your band is reduced you will be refunded the amount over-paid in the past backdated to when you moved into the property.  This can be up to 22 years, right back to when Council Tax was introduced back in April 1993.