The Claim Process

The Claim Process


Step 1; Checking your bandalt

The first and most important step is to find out if your band is higher than neighbouring properties of similar size and style to yours.  

If it is, then you may have a good case to appeal.

Our state of the art database gives us access to full details of all properties within your postcode including;

  1. Address
  2. Current council tax band
  3. Details of properties that have already had their band reduced
  4. Details of properties that have been tagged for a band increases upon next sale

Step 2; Challenging your band

If we have both;

  1. details of neighbouring properties that have been down-banded and
  2. 1991 valuation evidence that supports an adjustment in banding

then we have a  strong case to appeal.

We then use the neighbouring property check and valuation check data to support of our tried and tested appeals process to give you the very best chance of success

Step 3; Dealing with a successful appeal

  1. Collecting your refund for amounts over-paid in the past
  2. Reducing your monthly payments moving forward

Should your local Valuation Office Agency agree to reduce your Council Tax band we then liaise with your local Council to ensure that you receive a full refund for amounts over-paid in the past.  We also ensure that your monthly payments are reduced to the correct amount moving forward.

Step 4; Dealing with unsuccessful appeals

Further appeals

Should your appeal be unsuccessful we will review the reasons behind the Valuation Office Agencies decision.  

Should we be able to find any further evidence to support further appeals we will continue with the process on your behalf until conclusion.  In some cases three or four appeals are undertaken before a final decision is made.